CJ Chandler

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While at home in the Eastern Cape during January 2020 I awoke to a knife pressed against my throat. In the dark a man whispered “cwaka” (isiXhosa for “keep quiet”) as an accomplice joined. This was the beginning of both a robbery and a conversation held at knifepoint. Strangely, we spoke about travel, work, their […]


The revelry of drunken nights and the subsequent slow, hungover, days on the beach are framed by a word: umlungu. This isiXhosa word is thought to translate to the white foam of the waves or the scum of the sea, for their likeness to the sails of the colonial ships. In contemporary South Africa it […]

Grouping (AR-15)

This work is an effort to address the prevalence of gun violence, the history of militarization and war, mass shootings and firearm ownership in USA and abroad. Further, this work investigates the duality of the word ‘shooting’ and the links between photography and violence/ war. The bullet hole can be likened to that of a […]

the odor of scorched cloth

I made this work while on an academic exchange at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson. With no significant ties to the US, I set myself tasks and rituals which forced me to get out and photograph.  I see this as an extension of the twist of a knee. 2019Upstate New York

the twist of a knee

Both brutal and tender, the twist of a knee was made over four years in and around Makhanda in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. This is where I was born, and where my parents still live. It is home. These photographs act as fractured indicators of my presence as well as my interaction […]


https://vimeo.com/208000687 2016Cape Town


Reconnaissance is a term that refers to the gathering of information by visual observation. Often shortened to ‘recce’, the term has been borrowed from military discourse by the film industry. To undergo a recce is to look, to discover and to report back. 2016South Africa